“The One Of A Kind Program That Takes A Proactive Approach To Driving Not Only Motivated But QUALIFIED Buyers To Your Home."

We have taken many years of business experience to develop and bring to you the Extreme Qualifier System.  The system was created five years ago and is the only system that works equally well whether it is a bull or a bear market.

We guarantee that, when you use our successful program, each potential buyer that walks through the doors of your home will be qualified to buy it. Our sophisticated prescreening system ensures that you will have peace of mind knowing that these potential homebuyers can actually afford to buy your home.

Welcome to the last program you will ever need to sell your home.

Extreme Qualifier includes thousands of dollars
worth of services.
Here are just a few:

þ    Unlimited prequalification and pre-screening of your potential buyers.  This includes review of the buyers credit, income, and asset information and determining if the buyer qualifies to purchase your house…Value at least $30 per month

þ    Free initial non-public property valuation report analysis and evaluation.   This is not the free yet many times inaccurate public service…Value $30 initially and $30 per month

þ  Free open-air advertising to increase interest in your home and drive your buying prospects…Value $30

þ  "Successful Sellers' Strategies" Newsletter…Value $10 per month

þ  Unlimited FREE referrals to your property from our pre-qualified customers...Value Priceless!

Congratulations! You have made a smart decision allowing us to help you. We look forward to working with you.